Retrospective section

Once upon a time in Colle di Val d' Elsa

This section of Strandaren consists of articles written during the years 2003-2005. They were a part of the Comenius school project called Cultural Heritage In A Changing Europe. Do you remember our first homepage? You'll find a cached version of...

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Story writing

Here is a story started by students from Italy, continued by Swedish students and ended by Portugese students. This is a part of a Comenius EU school project called Cultural Heritage In a Changing...

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The Venice Carnival

Venetian carnival.

Performance begins… Joy, craziness and reason, all together. The music of Vivaldi, beautiful and mysterious masks... Every mask is made with the philosophy that are limitless to what can be...

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Suspenders with alpine stars


At the lyceum we have a great Italian teacher called Mario Becattelli.

He wears like a "typical" middle-aged man, but he has a very unusual detail: his famous, wonderful, marvellous SUSPENDERS WITH...

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The punk student



In our school there is a girl called Ambra Farina, who wears always punk clothes. She has a great number of piercings, in her ears, nose, mouth and she has many "strong"...

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My friend Lapo

His name is Lapo, he is 16 years old, he has blond hair, brown eyes, big mouth and his ears are smalls. His body is slim and tall.

He is a good person very friendly and kind with all people. He was in...

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Auseva Maristas school

The Auseva Maristas school is in the centre of Oviedo (capital of Asturias) is semi-private. The level of the students is greater each year and we must take into account that it has a range of...

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Why I like foreigners to stay in my country

When I meet a person...

City Setúbal

Meeting people leads to understanding

Pro article about foreigners

Doesn´t matter if your're black or white!

Food for Christmas.

Pro immigration.

Christmas food in Spain

Oviedo in Asturias

Never judge a book by its cover

Immigration: yes or no?

Contra immigration

Why we like meeting people

Pro Article Foreigners

More than we can handle?

Do you like meeting people ? Why?

Sport in Spain

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