Pro immigration.

Michael Lemdal 2008-05-01

What would Sweden be without immigration? Probably not the country it is today. Immigrants have brought a lot of new ideas to our country, ideas that have helped to make Sweden in to the country it is today.

Honestly what would we do without the pizza (one of many examples). Our culture also grow richer when we allow immigrants in to our country. Not many of the traditions that we practice today are genuine Swedish traditions. A lot of them has been brought to our country by immigrants, Christmas for example.

Some houndred years back probably around the 16th-17th centurie a lot of people settled in Sweden. They were from Belgium and they went to Sweden to help us with mining. Their are still people in Sweden that have thoose peoples as ancestors and some even do the same work in their old traditional way. That is one example of when immigration has been something really positive to Sweden.

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