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Jonas Åhlund 2008-05-01

Once upon a time in Colle di Val d' Elsa
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Once upon a time in Colle di Val d' Elsa

This section of Strandaren consists of articles written during the years 2003-2005. They were a part of the Comenius school project called Cultural Heritage In A Changing Europe. Do you remember our first homepage? You'll find a cached version of it by clicking here.

The 206 articles have been written by students involved in the project. Students from Italy, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.
In those days the project had an online magazine, just like Strandaren, called Cultural Heritage In A Changing Europe.
The articles were published in different sub-sections such as: food, words of peace, sports and so on.

Now that we have finally managed to place all those "good-old" articles in Strandaren's retrospective section, all the articles are placed in the same section. They are placed in a way which makes the oldest article shown first and then the rest of the articles follows according to their original date of publishing.

So all you students and teachers involved in the project Cultural Heritage In A Changing Europe: here they are - your good-old articles which made you sweat whilst writing them. Once again to be read by each and everyone of you on the Internet.

Please note that under each article there are some swedish words written. They mean this:

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If you like to write a new article, don't hesitate, simply write it in a Word-document and e-mail it to either or
If you like you can also enclose one, two or three digital photos to be published in you article.

Take care.

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