Hello friends, this is Cristina

Cristina Rubin dé Celix 2008-11-20

Hi there Sweden!
Hi there Sweden!

Now, I ‘m going to tell you about our stay in Sweden.
We were looking forward to seeing Julia, Madeleine, Jessica, Emelie and Johanna and they were waiting for us at the City Terminal in Stockholm. We felt so happy when we saw them because we had missed our Swedish partners so much. Then we met their families in their houses, and obviously for the first time we saw the Swedish landscape - beautiful, nice and green -. At home we had dinner with their kind families and we felt at home (: we even borrowed a toothbrush too!!!! (our luggage was lost in the airport) We slept well because the next day would be long. I remember I got up with the birds singing =].

We met our teachers, the Turkish group and the others and went to Vasa Museum (by boat!), and Ann told us the story of the old ship. We had lunch there and after that we went to Skansen, where we saw funny animals like bears or moose and we took funny photos with pigs too. In the evening in Madde's house we saw the film "Ten Reasons to Hate You" in English for us and with Spanish subtitles for the Swedish girls to learn Spanish.

On Wednesday we had lunch for the first time at school (at eleven o'clock!!!!!) and met our partners´ friends (Christopher, Carolina, Martin, Marcus...). After that we visited the City Hall, beautiful, and the guide explained what issues the politicians dealt with in there. We ate at McDonald's and went to Emelie's competition (the athletes looked so well).

Thursday arrived and we visited the Football Stadium (we think Jonas loves it) and also Channel 4. There, we could take photos in the reporter's table. We took the tube for The Parliament, and I think Helena loved it. In the evening we went bowling and Spanish girls didn't win, but that's not the point :).
On Friday we visited Drottningholm Palace, the world heritage site. The Palace is beautiful and it was interesting to visit it because the Real Family lives in there and we were so lucky because it was the first Sweden Day (24th October). Around the building, Swedish and Spanish girls took funny photos with autumn leaves and weird faces.


Isn't \
Isn't "he" sweet?

The last day was coming and we wanted to buy souvenirs for our families, I think we went to hundreds of souvenirs shops; it was a funny day, all together. We had a pyjamas party at Emelie's house. We ate candies (Julia loves it :D), danced and listened to Swedish music, played a game called "The Mafia" - everyone wanted to "kill" Alba and me because we were always suspicious -, we did a competition in which the winner team was the one that ate the three candies faster, we wrote special words in a Swedish flag - because we didn't want to forget this amazing trip-, and saw "Ice Age 2" ... it soon was 5 a.m. and the Spanish group was sleeping and couldn't see the end of the film. We got up early and everyone went to their houses to pack and say goodbye to the family and THANK YOU for ALL, yes, we'll never forget you and we hope we'll see some other time.

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