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The school from different angles.
The school from different angles.

Our school was founded in 1995 as Mehmet Akif Ersoy Secondary School. In 2005, it moved to its new building which was donated to the Ministry of National Education by Elginkan Foundation, a private company with more than 3000 workers in 19 different branches. Its name has changed as Cahit Elginkan Secondary School. Now it has 674 students and 50 teachers and it is one of the biggest and well known state schools in our province. Our school offers upper secondary education to students aged between 14 and 18. The students are accepted to the school by an entrance examination which is held once a year. The classrooms consist of 30 students at most. It specialises in teaching of English language.

Our school has four laboratories which are used in Science lessons and in some projects. It has also got a conference hall and a sport hall which can seat 200 people. In computer room, students have a PC with internet access each and improve their computing skills. The school library is big enough for them to study and find the books they need. Students eat their lunch in school canteen. The food is served with hygienic conditions. The music and art rooms are also available at our school.
The students in our school take up different social activities such as drama, chess, handcrafts, sport. They take part in some competitions and get some awards. In order to get to know EU countries very well and to establish good relations with the same age youngsters, our school gets involved in some project partnerships. In this sense in 2006-2007 academic year, the school hosted 30 students from The Netherlands, Hungary and Latvia in April 2007. Our guests had an opportunity to know our country and traditions. We exchanged our cultures and completed a very successful Youth Action 1 Project about environment called “ETs Communicate”.

There are 16 social student clubs at school. Sports, Environment, Science and Technology clubs are some of them. Students have to register one of them at the beginning of the academic year and they are responsible for completing a 25 hour community work. We also organise excursions to different cities and try to follow cultural events taking place in our city. On summer holidays we arrange language courses in different English speaking countries to help their personal development.

Our Hometown, Kocaeli

Beach cleaning activity from the Project ETs Communicate.
Beach cleaning activity from the Project ETs Communicate.

Kocaeli is located by Marmara Sea in the north west of the country. It’s only 90 kilometres away from İstanbul. Kocaeli is famous for being the industry center of Turkey and it has a population of about 1.5 million.

It is located on an important crossroad binding Asia to Europe. The Izmit Gulf which is a natural harbour is a busy maritime line.
Throughout history , Kocaeli has been a gateway for Europe , the Middle East and Asia as well as a crucial trade centre for the Eastern -Roman empire and the capital of the Kingdom of Bithynia.
Although there is an industry based economy, there are lots of places to attract tourists’ attention. The coastline by the Black Sea, the forests and waterfalls near Sapanca Lake, beautiful marina where you can rest at summer nights, museums and historical sites and the skiing resort Kartepe are some of them.
An international fair is held every summer and people can relax at cafes by the sea or entertain themselves at the theatres. There are lots of hotels to provide accomodation fort he visitors and restaurants where you can taste delicious Turkish food, especially kebabs and seafood.

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