My trip to Sweden

Doga Yenigun 2008-11-14

Myself and my host Agnes to the left in this photo. We and all the other students are on our way to Djurgarden.
Myself and my host Agnes to the left in this photo. We and all the other students are on our way to Djurgarden.

Think of a world where people are not discriminated because of their colour, religion or nationalities; where they all live together in peace. Some people may think this is utopic but in fact it is not for the Europeans. In some parts of the world people are still poor and discriminated, forced to move from their lands or killed. Luckily we -Europeans- are far from this but we must unite to change this.
We need to understand each other in order to unite and this is what our project aims.

During our Sweden trip, I have understood once again that our differences make us stronger and we all are ‘the same'. This trip was an excellent experience for all Spanish, Swedish and Turkish students to have a different perspective through life.

From the day we arrived in Stockholm till the day we left, everybody was very hospitable and helpful to us. They all did whatever they could to make us comfortable and happy. The programme was perfectly arranged and we not only saw the places where we had to see. We also had a chance to learn about the daily life and culture in Sweden.

Swedish people preserve their history and culture perfectly. This can be seen in every historical and cultural place. They are also very hospitable and cheerful. We never had a bad experience during our visit. Also their love for animals must be appreciated.
A country which hasn't had a war for about two centuries. And people from different nationalities live there in peace. People can think freely, no discrimination, a country in peace... I think the world has lots of things to learn from Sweden and the countries like it.

I am really very happy to meet my Swedish family (I really think they are a family for me), Spanish and Swedish students and teachers. I would like to thank again to all my Swedish friends for their hospitality.
I hope we will meet again in Turkey in spring. I am sure we will have a great time. I am looking forward to seeing you all. Bye for now.

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