My visit to Sweden

Helena Sánchez Clemente 2008-11-18

Me and my host family.
Me and my host family.

Hello, my name is Helena and I am one of the Spanish girls who were in Sweden. I want to say this exchange has been a very good idea, because we have improved our English, we have visited a lot of very beautiful places in Sweden like the Swedish Parliament, the Vasa Museum, the Drottningholm palace...and interesting places like the TV4 but especially because we have met a lot of Swedish and Turkish people, people like us (very nice people), but who live many kilometres far away and who have got very different habits.

I also want to say thanks to all these people in special to my Swedish partner, Emelie, and her family, because they have made my stay very good. I think this project has been a very good idea because I know that now I have five more very good friends (Emelie, Julia, Jessica, Madde and Johana). And I hope this is the start of a very good friendship and we meet again either in Spain or in Sweden.

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