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About our trip to Spain

Jessica Larsson 2008-05-09

Early morning plane - to Spain
Bild:Jonas Åhlund
Early morning plane - to Spain

The day we arrived we were very excited about coming to Spain. The plane left Arlanda Airport at 08.00 March 30th 2008 which meant that we got up at 3.00 in the morning. So we were slightly tired when we arrived.

We were welcomed by our families and went to their homes. Later that evening we went to the school to meet all the students from Spain and Turkey. It was a very interesting experience to meet so different people and to talk to them! We also tried their food which was very different from our food here in Sweden; very sweet and we considered it a little bit unhealthy.

We visited lots of places

The city of Toledo nicely viewed from the bus parking,
Bild:Jonas Åhlund
The city of Toledo nicely viewed from the bus parking,

In Spain we visited a lot of places, like: Segovia, Toledo and Madrid. We liked all of them!
Everything in Spain feels pretty much different from Sweden, but there are also similarities, of course. The families were wonderful to us. The parents were very caring, and that was good because we felt a little lost in this new country. The weather was similar to Swedish summer; warm but also cloudy. And we really liked the ice-cream.
So, we found many things in common but also many differences with the people from Turkey and Spain.

Everyone is not good at English

Please, next time: a little less conversation - a little more action.
Bild:Jonas Åhlund
Please, next time: a little less conversation - a little more action.

We also had some nice days with new experiences! But one more difficulty was that not everyone was very good at English, so we couldn’t communicate with them so much (for example the parents). We have learned on this trip about other people’s situations in other countries and that everyone is not that good at English. However, it was a great and fun experience! We want to thank our families a lot for taking care of us! A tip to the teachers; next time we could do more ‘fun’ things rather than museums and just walking around. Even though we were satisfied about the situation.

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