A Ride to the Grocery Store

Victoria Simonsson 2009-10-08

Inside the grocery store.
Inside the grocery store.

Willie and his parents were on their way to the grocery store to buy some healthy food. Willie's mom had put him on a healthy diet because she thought he was getting fat from all the cookies he ate. He loved cookies and he didn't car if he got picked on in school for being fat, he just comforted himself by eating a bag of sweet cookies.

He got really bored from just sitting in the car doing nothing, especially when he didn't have any snack. He then remembered that he had a bag of cookies in his backpack that had been there for almost three weeks, he was actuallly supposed to eat them at resturant they were at but they had an "all you can eat buffet" and he got so full that he got indigestion.

His backpack was lying right next to him in the car, he took out the bag of cookies and opened it. he made sure that his mo and dad didn't hear him and then he started to eat. The cookies were a little stale and tasteless, the taste of cinnamon had disappeared bu he didn't mind that. He ate the whole bag of cookies but still wasn't satisfied, he wanted more. He asked his mom if he could get one last cookie and maybe a fizzy drink before they arrived to the store. She always had a few cookies in her purse in case he wanted some, he knew that and that's why he asked. He was lucky that she still had some cookies and she let him eat the last one. She gave him a soft drink that she also ha din her purse. He wanted a fizzy drink, but he was happy that it wasn't squash, because he hated squash. The cookie was very fresh and tasty compared to the other ones he had eaten before.

They were only ten minutes away from the grocery store now and he wished that they would get a flat-tire so that they would never get there because he didn't want to start eat healthy food. He now started to see big signs with the week's special offers from the store. They had extra prices on black pudding, cranberry sauce and cheese. He asked his mom if they could buy some cheese, but she said that it was too much fat in cheese and that they were only going to buy low-fat products like cottage cheese. He was not happy with that and started to get really mad now.

They arrive to the store and he step out of the car and tried to make an angry face to show his disagreement. His mom thought it looked like he just taken a bite in an unripe lemon, she started to laugh and he walked with angry steps in to the store. He saw a big shelf of cookies and shined up, he stood for a moment and drool until he got the idea to sneak away. He waited until his parents started to argue about wich vegetables they would buy and then he sneaked away to the cookies. There were maybe twenty different flavours and he wanted them all. He took a bag of chocolate cookies, snuck it inside his shirt and ran all he could out of the store...

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