I'll never forget you

Jonas Åhlund 2013-05-11

Eleverna i årskurs 7 har jobbat med tema "Lag och rätt". Strandaren kommer att publicera ett urval av de texter som eleverna har producerat under engelskalektionerna.

Denna berättelse är författad av Emma Tranehed.

On Halloween night the two girls, Lucy and Megan were out for ‘trick or treat’. They loved this holiday especially because they believed in fantasy stories. Unfortunately, it would be different from the past. It wasn’t only vampires and witches running around on the streets this year…

“Lucy, can we please go home now? I’m tired,” Megan whined behind Lucy.

“Fine, I guess we have enough candy,” the girls had about six pounds by now. “I know a short-cut home. We’ll be home in five minutes, I promise.” Megan looked worried but didn’t question it. She agreed with the idea and they started to walk.

The short-cut led off the street and into the forest. Megan wasn’t pleased at all with the idea of walking into the forest in the dead of the night but she kept quiet and followed Lucy. It was horribly dark and the girls didn’t have anything to light up their path with. They could hear an owl deep in the forest and something moving around each bush.

“Lucy, stop!” Megan screamed behind of Lucy. Her voice lowered into a whisper, “I feel someone’s watching us.”

“Oh, please, don’t be silly!” Lucy said but she didn’t sound as convinced as she usually did. Out of nowhere someone grabbed Megan’s leg and started to pull. Megan screamed with all her heart and it echoed in every part of the forest. A bunch of birds flew from a tree and up in the air. She was now lying on the ground. She tried to turn around but the man held her tightly down. 

“Lucy! Lucy, do something! Please help me!” Megan screamed with a heartbreaking sound and with tears running down her cheeks. Unfortunately it was too late. The man had a knife in his left hand and he started to jab her.

“Lucy! Lucy!” she cried out with more tears than ever. Lucy couldn’t understand it, everything was happening so fast. For a moment she just stood there, watching her best friend being murdered. Her eyes reflected the pain that Megan was feeling. Although, she didn’t just stand there, a moment later she jumped over Megan and kicked the man hard in the stomach. He backed up by a few steps and lost grip of Megan’s leg but Lucy didn’t give up yet. She continued to kick and hit the man on every part of his body. He tried to stop her and to protect his face. Lucy’s adrenaline kicked in - there was no such thing as weakness or tiredness. The man started to back off from Megan and he turned his back to the girls and started to run. Lucy turned around and inspected her best friend who was bleeding at least five different places. She had a grimace on her face and her arms and legs were covered in blood.

“Lucy,” she whispered with a weak voice and covering her pain. “Tell my parents I love them,” more tears dripped down her cheeks. “And I love you. You know that I love you, right? You’ll always be with me, wherever I go. Don’t forget me,” then her eyes went still and cold as ice. She didn’t breathe anymore. Lucy bent down to listen to her heartbeat but there was nothing.

“I’ll never forget you,” then she burst into tears.

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