Improve your English by doing exercises online

Ann Gill 2008-05-28

The goal of doing some of the exercises online is to be able to do your work and see an immediate result with what you are doing. If you make many mistakes, do it over again until you get most of your results right.

Try the following online activities in order to improve your English

Cleverwords can help you with some of the grammar activities you need to work on.

For Cleverwords click here

For contractions click here.

For homonyms / homophones click here.

For prepositions click here and here.

For irregular verbs on line click here and here.

For examples of how you can write the plural of nouns
click here and here and also here.

Why don't you play an English game together with a friend?
This game is a game for two players, to improve their irregular verb skills. Try a few of the games and see how well you do: click here.

Two more on line exercises are to be found here and here.

Good luck!

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