Under åtta dagar kommer en ny berättelse att publiceras här i Strandaren.


Jonas Åhlund 2013-05-09

Eleverna i årskurs 7 har jobbat med tema "Lag och rätt". Strandaren kommer att publicera ett urval av de texter som eleverna har producerat under engelskalektionerna.

Denna berättelse är författad av Cornelia Sahlin.

(Jessica´s point of view)

I was standing at the train station, waiting for the train. It didn’t matter what train, any train would do. I was going to take a step but I hesitated. I looked to my right and then to my left and that’s when I saw them.
‘’Well, well, what do we have here?’’ Lisa said and I took a step back.
 ‘´Did we tell her to leave, Lisa?’’ Sarah asked Lisa.
 ‘’No, we didn’t Sarah,’’ Lisa answered Sarah.  
 ‘’What do you want?’’ I asked them.
‘’In three minutes we want you to jump.’’
 ‘’Excuse me?’’ I said.
 ‘’Wasn’t that the reason you came here?’’ Lisa said but I didn’t say anything.
‘’You’ll have to do it,’’ Lisa said.
‘’No,’’ I protested. Sarah looked at Lisa, and Lisa handed Sarah a gun. I took another step back.
‘’If you don’t jump we’ll have to push you, but you don’t want that to happen right?’’
Lisa pointed the gun at me and I looked to my right. I saw the train. I looked back at them.
‘’Now,’’ they said in unison and soon the world went black.

(Sarah’s point of view the next day)

Sarah walked out of her friend Mary’s house. She was heading home but she was texting to someone at the same time as she was walking so she ended up at a dead end. She turned around but stopped when she saw a dark figure walking in her direction. He had one arm behind his back. Sarah didn’t know what to do, she just froze.

When he was a meter away from her he stopped, ‘’Nice to see you here of all places,’’ the mysterious person said.
 ‘’ Do I know you?’’ Sarah asked.
‘’ It doesn’t matter,’’ he said.
‘’ What do you want?’’ Sarah asked.
‘’Revenge,’’ he said and took away his arm from his back. He was holding a gun and was pointing it at Sarah’s head. ‘’I’m sorry,’’ she whispered. Then he pulled the trigger.

(Lisa’s point of view a couple of hours later)

‘’Bye,’’ Lisa said and closed the door. She began to walk down the street. After ten minutes of walking she heard footsteps. She didn’t look back. She was heading towards the bus station and she was in a hurry. Several minutes later she still could hear footsteps. She looked back and saw a person in dark clothes. ‘’Are you following me?’’ she said.
‘’Yes,’’ he said.
‘’Who are you?’’ she asked him.
’’That’s not important…,’’ he answered.
‘’Do you want money?’’ I said.
‘’I don’t want your money!’’
‘’What do you want?’’ Lisa sighed. He answered with pointing a gun to her head.
‘’Do it already,’’ she said and he did.


(Mary’s point of view)

The next day, a police officer came to my house and took me to the police station. I was very worried, but not for myself. I was worried for my friends Lisa and Sarah, they hadn’t answered my text messages the night before.
A different police officer asked me about where I was the previous night. I didn’t understand a thing. When they were done they said I could go home, but before I did they told me one thing. I started crying and ran home. When I came home my friend Ned called me. I answered the phone with, ‘’Hello?’’. 
‘’I’m terribly sorry,’’ he said.
‘’ Why? ’’ I asked.
‘’Before you get angry or sad let me explain myself,’’ he said. I didn’t understand a thing so I kept quiet.
‘’I killed them…Lisa and Sarah,’’ he whispered. ‘’And I’m going to the police station tomorrow… I killed them because of my sister. They bullied her in school and made her jump in front of a train!’’ he explained himself. I still couldn’t say anything, I was still in shock. 
‘’I know that what I did is wrong and I kind of regret what I did and that’s why I’m going to the police station tomorrow.’’ Then he hung up and I started crying again. 

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