Super Salmon

Hanna Pohl 2009-10-08

This must be the Happy Salmon.
This must be the Happy Salmon.

"Hello! My name is Wilbert, Wilbert the mouse. I live in a supermarket. It's a really nice place to live in because you meet new people every day, or not if you're a mouse, like me, then you just see the people passing you. That's nice too. It's not hard to get something to eat, it is a supermarket after all. My favourite meal is complicated to get. I call it super salmon. It's easy to make, but hard to get the ingredients. I've only made my favourite meal two times in my life, because it is very dangerous. It wasn't a problem at all the first time I made it, but the second time it was different..."

(Back in time)
I could see the beautiful salmon from a long distance. While I stood beside the sausages and the minced meat I saw a human walking forward to the meat counter.
I quickly ran to my little hole I made beside the minced meat. The human was a female. She picked up a steak, looked around and then she hid the steak in her jacket! I've seen that before, but that time it was a male and he took mustard and lump sugar instead of a steak.
The human being seems to like different things. I saw her walk to the exit of the store. Last time, when the male walked out the alarm started and the guards took the man and everybody walked to the exit to see when they arrested him. Now I had my chance. While they arrested her I could run and take some salmon to make my favourite meal. Super salmon. Suddenly the alarm started! I ran the fastest I could over the big floor and I had my eyes on the goal, the salmon. I jumped up on a shelf with a lot of spices on it and I froze. Two big human eyes were staring at me. The human started to scream, I started to run. The little girl continued to scream while she was throwing spices and stock cubes after me.
I realized that I could run really fast. More people started to scream at me. I had a big lead so I jumped up on another shelf and I hid myself behind a jar of cranberry sauce. I looked at the people that chased me. T
hey couldn't see me. It didn't take long time for them to leave. I walked out of my hide place and took a breather. I looked around again just to make sure that nobody's there.

When I looked to my left I saw it. The counter with the pink, beautiful, raw salmon! I looked around a third time to see if there was anybody there, no one. I jumped down from the shelf and walked to the counter. I jumped up on the first shelf of the counter. There was a white fish that I didn't recognize, so I tasted it. It was herring, a really disgusting herring and it was tasteless. I jumped up on the second shelf, there it was only marinated fish and a very spicy cod. When I jumped up on the third and the highest shelf I saw it. It was right in front of me, the salmon. I tasted a little bit and it tasted wonderful!
Just like it would taste in heaven!
"Special offer just for you my dear" I said to myself with a big smile on my mouth."You can get it for free!" I took so much salmon I could balance on my back and I jumped down on the floor.

Now, if I come home to my house, I will cook super salmon by myself for the first time. I ran the fastest I could with the salmon on my back. I ran over the big open floor with no problems. My heart started to beat faster. I saw my house, I was home! I walked in to my little hole I call home and I put down the salmon on the floor. Now, all I had to do was cook it.

I put the salmon in boiling water. Then I took some parsley and black currants, I put it in the basin with the salmon. I poured some orange squash and some skimmed milk in the basin. Then I took cottage cheese and I sprinkled it over the basin. I added the secret ingredients and then I just let it simmer over the fire. I waited for 20 minuets and then I took the super salmon and put it on a plate. I took a little piece of salmon in my little mouse hand and I tasted it. It tasted delicious!

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