The Big Party

Ida Lindström 2009-10-01

Bild:Smells good.

Hanna woke up in the middle of the night. It was dark outside and so quiet. All she heard was the sound of the owl who was sitting in the big tree beside the house. She couldn't sleep she was too excited. Her cousins were coming from New York and Hanna had not met them in years. They would have a big party with delicious food and go out dancing. Her mom had said that she would make her delicious strawberry squash. She rolled over and started looking at the wall of really old boring colours. After looking at the wall a very long time, she finally fell asleep again. She dreamt all night long about the next day.

When Hanna woke up again it was morning. The sun shined into her room, she heard loud sounds from outside. Her little sister Cleo was laughing and their dog Dolly barking.

She could smell the smell of new baked bread from the kitchen. She felt the hunger in her belly; she went up and dressed with her new cute top.

When Hanna walked into the kitchen the first thing she saw was her dad standing, cutting some fresh picked parsley from the garden. Hanna's mom Anna said, ``God morning, Hanna. Did you have a good night sleep last night?"
"Not really," answered Hanna and looked at her mom who put a bowl of cottage cheese beside the new baked bread on the dinner table. She looked at her parents and asked what time Kate, Lucas and Holly, the cousins from New York would come.
"About one o´ clock," answered her father, who now had put the cut parsley in a black basin.
"What are you doing, Daddy?" asked Hanna, with a question mark on her face.
"I'm making my home made herring with fresh herbs and parsley from the garden," he answered and started smiling.

Hanna knew that he was proud, her father really loved, to cook. He always had panted to open a restaurant when he was young, but he met her mother and they fell in love. The dream of starting something just died. Hanna took a slice of the new baked bread from the table and walked to the garden where the sun shined brightly on her face. She felt the heat from the sun and saw that there were no clouds in the sky.

The crayfish started to boil in the saucepan. Hanna lowered the temperature of the stove and added some chives and some salt and pepper to the crayfish. She was the only one in the house now; the others had walked to the sea for a swim, her family and her cousins. She wanted to stay behind and finish her buns, her chocolate cake and biscuits which would be perfect. She was planning on treating them for desert later that evening. The desert would be her buns, her mother's squash with strawberry taste and some ice-cream with some nourishing blueberries. She replaced the buns with the cod which already stood there in the oven. The cod looked just finished in her mind. She looked around the kitchen, everything was soon finished. The only thing left was the sauce, the sauce which had stood and simmered for three long hours. They would have the sauce for the lye fish. Hanna would decorate the lye with some beautiful orange rose hips on top. The cod, the lye, the sauce, a summer salad and the shrimps were all for dinner.

Just when Hanna was finished, her family and cousins came home. Her parents and her aunts took over the kitchen again, so Hanna decided to go out and play instead. They played and played until it was time to eat. Everyone sat down and started eating the delicious food. Her cousin Holly didn't eat so much, because she was allergic to dairy products. They started to sing some strange grown-up songs, they laughed and laughed. When they had eaten up all the food, Hanna was so full so she thought she would get indigestion, but she thought it was worth it!

After all the food Hanna and the other children walked to the sea for a night swim. Hanna walked slowly into the cold water. This day wars really perfect, she couldn't not image it any another way!

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