The Blackmailing

Jonas Åhlund 2013-05-22

Eleverna i årskurs 7 har jobbat med tema "Lag och rätt". Strandaren kommer att publicera ett urval av de texter som eleverna har producerat under engelskalektionerna.

Denna berättelse är författad av Freja Wirén.

Mari was walking on the narrow path in the forest, it was dark. If she had anything to say she would never have gone this deep in to the forest at this hour. Dough Jasper had insisted. She watched the path become narrower and narrower the farther she walked.

She was already late. Mari stopped, it was here by the oak tree they were supposed to meet. “Where is Jasper she wondered?” He was never late.

Then suddenly Mari saw a movement in the bushes.  Jasper came out and walked towards her. There was something different about him. “You are going to give me money. 1000 dollars, you are going to leave them in my locker  Monday morning,” Mari looked at him. Was this some sort of a bad joke?

“What?” she said, “I´m not giving you any money,” Mari’s voice started to quiver. He took a step forward and raised his fist. Mari tasted blood in her mouth and her cheek hurt. “Yes you will, you will give us the money,”

He walked away, leaving her there on the ground. Mari lifted her hand to her face and touched her lip, seeing blood on her fingertips. She started walking home, shaken from what just had happened. Upon arrival, she walked into her room and lay down on her bed. Mari´s mom and dad would not come home until late that evening. Mari took down her piggy bank from the shelf. She emptied the contents on the bed. There was 1500 dollar. That was the money she had collected for a whole year mowing the lawn and babysitting.  However, she decided not to give the money to Jasper.

 On Monday morning, Mari decided to go right to the principal’s office. She told him what had happened. Full of rage, he sent Jasper home and had an angry call to his parents. 

The rest of the day continued as usual.  Mari felt relieved over the fact that it was all over. Even if she probably had lost a very good friend.

On her way to class she met the Ohlsson brothers. They were real bullies; they picked on everyone and hit the little children for lunch money. Still they managed to be the teacher´s pets, they treated them like little angels. The Ohlsson’s gave her an angry look when they passed by her. Suddenly they stopped and turned around, started walking towards her. She realized how lonely she was. All the other children had gone to class. One of the Ohlsson brothers shoved her into her locker. The younger one started to speak, “I thought we had a deal, give us money,” Mari looked at him and said confusingly, “I don´t owe you anything..? “

“Yeah you do, you just don´t know it. Our delivery boy got in a little trouble. So we had to take care of you ourselves. So give us our money.” The school bell rang and a swarm of students came out of the classrooms. The Ohlsson brothers left her but before they walked away they said, “Tomorrow, Mari,”

Mari started thinking: So Jasper threatened her for the Olsson brothers? Doesn´t seem right… she said to herself. I need to talk to Jasper. That is what she did. After school she went past Jasper’s house. The house was in need of repair. When she knocked on the door a man came out. His eyes were red and his clothes filthy. She recognized him as Jasper´s father. She had heard from Jasper that he had not been feeling well sense his mom past away. She walked into Jasper’s room and saw him lying on his bed. When she came into the room he shined up, but then he looked down like an ashamed dog. “I need to talk to you,” I said. I sat by him in the bed.

 “I´m sorry but you should know that I had no choice,” he said desperately.

“I know that they are scary, but not scary enough to hit your best friend in the face,”  

“I had no choice, he repeated, “If I didn´t do as they said they would hurt Emma and dad would not even care, he barely talks to anyone of us any more… she is all I got, Mari, you have to understand.,” Suddenly an idea came into Mari’s head. “Okay I will forgive you, on one condition.”

 Carefully they sneaked into the school´s security room. Jasper nervously said, “Are you sure about this?” Mari placed a finger on her lip. Her hands were shivering while she was looking through the many tapes that were in the room. She looked until she found the right one. “Here´s the one from today,”

The next day she showed the video to the principal, it was the video of Mari and the Ohlsson brothers, they told their parents and the local police. They were arrested for blackmailing and were suspended from school. Just a few days later, Mari and Jasper sat by their oak tree in the forest eating ice-cream as usual. 

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