The Perfect Crime

Jonas Åhlund 2013-05-10

Eleverna i årskurs 7 har jobbat med tema "Lag och rätt". Strandaren kommer att publicera ett urval av de texter som eleverna har producerat under engelskalektionerna.

Denna berättelse är författad av Daniel Wendin.

How did I end-up here? The life I’ve lived has been really upside-down. I was a very angry child. My parents couldn’t take care of me and I think they were alcoholics or drug addicts. I’ve moved from house to house so many times I’ve stopped counting. In every home (if you could call it a home) I was always had outbursts over something stupid. School wasn’t any better, I yelled at the teacher all the time. When I was around 13 years old I was moved to a place for hopeless cases like me, but it didn’t help me, it only made me angrier.

“Stewart, Stewart, wake up.  Today is the big day,” I dragged myself up from the bed and walked over to the mirror. In the mirror I saw a man between 20-25 years old, one green and one brown eye. He had strawberry blonde hair and a broken nose. That guy was me. The broken nose was from a fight with a man at the gym, he hit me with some dumbbells and I end up at the hospital for two weeks.

Mike came in from the kitchen. “Stewart we have already had breakfast so you have to hurry up,”  I was not hungry but I had to eat something so I grabbed an apple. Mike, Charlie and Rodrick had already put on their black suits and held their briefcases. I hurried to brush my teeth and put on my suit.

We went quickly through the plan. Mike would drive all of us to an alley close to the super market. I had kept an eye on the supermarket for a week now and the transportation of valuables and money had been taken place at the parking lot at 11.43 to refill the cash dispenser. From the alley, we would walk over to the transport of money and threaten the guards with our weapons that we had in our briefcases and Charlie would have an axe, chop the lock off the money bag and then empty it into our empty briefcases. Mike would then drive on to the parking lot and pick us up and drive away.

We took the elevator down from our apartment and walked out to the van. Mike drove to the alley and dropped us off. “See you in five minutes,” Mike said. We walked leaving a distance between us. When we walked over the parking lot we saw the transport van driving across the parking lot.  Rodrick picked up his gun out from his waistband. I opened my briefcase and picked up the machine gun. Charlie picked also up his gun and his axe. We started to run towards the transport van. The two guards had started to walk to the super market and they didn’t have time to react. Charlie and I shouted, “FREZZE! Lay down!” They did as they were told. The bags with the money were handcuffed to the guard’s wrist. Rodrick dragged the driver out of the transport van. I looked around and saw an old couple try to hurry away from the crime scene.

 “We have to hurry up, I think the old couple will call the police soon,” I said. Charlie picked up his axe and chopped the lock and we heard a click. He started to move the money over to his empty briefcase.

“Next bag,” he shouted. I could see a wet spot on the robbery-mask.” Smack!” I turned around and saw a blue cloud from the bag. “Shit!” Charlie said. The money inside was all blue and useless.                                                                                                                                “One more bag,” I said.                                                                                              “We don’t have time,” Rodrick shouted. Mike drove in on the parking lot. Charlie and Rodrick ran towards Mike’s van. Far away, I heard a police siren. I picked up Charlie’s axe and chopped the third bag. “Click!” Mike started to honk the horn. My first thought was to run to the van but I stopped and emptied the bag with money into my briefcase. Mike drove out from the parking lot. They left me behind. I grabbed the bag and started to run across the parking lot. A man with a motorcycle was filling his motorcycle with fuel. I ran over to him and jumped up on the seat and started it. The man didn’t have time to react so I drove out from the parking lot and out to the highway. In the rearview mirror I saw a blue and red light from the police siren. Adrenaline pumped around into my body and made my heart beat faster than it ever had done in my entire life. I saw Mike’s van hundred meters ahead of me. They turned left on the road to the airport. If I would tell you the end you wouldn’t believe me but now I’m here in Thailand.

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