A journey to Segovia - back to the past looking for the future

Maravillas Prieto 2008-05-01

The three \
Bild:Jonas Ahlund
The three "girls" to the left must be taking extra classes, or?

In the morning of the 31st of March, 2008, at 9'30, we, Turkish, Swedish and Spanish people in the Comenius Programme, were ready to get on the coach and begin the trip to the first World Heritage city of our project.

The journey took us about an hour and when we arrived at the city, the tour guide was already waiting for us, just under the great Roman Aqueduct. The visit to the city lasted for two hours, and the guide took us to the most popular streets and important places: The Cathedral, The Alcázar, San Clemente and Vera Cruz churches, the Casa de las Cadenas and the Casa de Picos; also the tower of Hércules, from which there was an impressive view of the city and the snowed mountains of Guadalajara.

After the tour, we paid a visit to the Town Councillor who was expecting us and thanked us for having chosen Segovia for our Comenius Project.

At lunch time, teachers and students alike were tired and hungry; a good rest was needed, so it was about time to taste the typical Segovian food: lamb and suckling pig with a nice glass of Rioja wine. It would comfort our soul and body.

After having taken hundreds of photographs; talked a lot to one another; walked up and down the streets; visited monuments and shops to buy some souvenirs... our lovely journey was getting to an end. So we took the bus again and headed back for Madrid.

However, this wasn’t the end. On the following day another exciting adventure - this time to Toledo - was about to begin and we were anxious to live and enjoy again such an unforgettable experience.

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