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Jonas Åhlund 2008-03-29

Beautiful Stockholm
Beautiful Stockholm

As a part of our EU Comenius school project From National Wealth to World Heritage we, among a lot of other things, take a look at our Swedish capital Stockholm.

If you like to see some films from Stockholm then you follow the links below. You need to have a Quick Time player installed and your loudspeakers on. The spoken language in the films is english.

Each film has the lenght of approximately 5-10 minutes.

1. Djurgården - royal park life
2. Art & Culture - a rural yearning
3. Waterworld - the archipelago
4. Nightlife - the evening begins
5. Nightlife - happy hour
6. Nightlife - after hours
7. Shopping - off the beaten path
8. SOFO - style redefined
9. Gamla stan - birthplace of the capital

If you like to know more about Stockholm then we suggest you visit where the above films comes from and also try Visit Sweden.
Happy stay in Stockholm!

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