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Öppet hus på Strandskolan hjälper barn i Indien

Jonas Åhlund 2013-10-07

Pengarna går bland annat till att plantera mangoträd. Bilden visar ett ungt mangoträd.
Bild:Bilden hämtad från TUFF:s hemsida.
Pengarna går bland annat till att plantera mangoträd. Bilden visar ett ungt mangoträd.

Torsdag den 24 oktober 2013 öppnar Strandskolan återigen dörrarna för besökare i form av ett Öppet hus.
Förutom att du kan se vad vi elever på skolan jobbar med så kommer det att finnas mat och dryck till försäljning samt olika aktiviteter som fiskdammar och spökrunda, för att nämna några exempel. Överskottet skänks till Tyresö Ulands och Fredsförening TUFF.  TUFF ser därefter till att pengarna går till skolverksamhet i en del av Indien som heter Dharampur. Så kom och hälsa på oss mellan klockan 16:00-18:30 och ta chansen att göra skillnad för barn i en annan del av vår gemensamma värld. Det passar ju extra bra med tanke på att det dessutom är FN-dagen.

Ni kanske undrar om pengarna kommer till nytta? Det gör de. Lite längre ner på den här sidan kan du läsa ett mejl från en av representanterna för mottagarna. Texten förklarar vilken nytta pengarna verkligen gör för barn som inte växer upp under lika fördelaktiga villkor som många gör i vår del av världen.

Brevet är på engelska så ni som ännu inte hunnit lära er jättemycket engelska kan förhoppningsvis be er lärare översätta. 

"Congratulations for 'Open House' : Strand Skolan

It is so stimulating to learn that Strandskolan will have 'Open House' on 24th of October, when all over the world, this day will be celebrated as UN DAY. It is in the fitness of things that our solidarity will reflect likewise, through exemplary ACTION of Strand.

The teachers from your school have earlier visited our schools. So they have some idea of our schools in remote hilly - forest Dharampur area, where they are situated. Only 3 years back, along with Koki [director] & Rajesh - our activist supporter, I have visited your school and thoroughly enjoyed your hospitality. The positive atmosphere we smelt there was so touching. During that visit, all of us could feel the commitment & concern of your students & teachers. We were so impressed to learn, how systematically you organize the Day, with wonderful result. On the basis of your past performance, I trust that the income that your school may generate, would cover running cost of Giri Van [Mountain & Forest] School at village Vankhas. It is having 105 students, in grades 5 - 6 - 7. 50 % of the total cost [approximately quarter of a million rupees - between 32000 to 35000 SEK] for salaries, food - items [being a residential school], teaching aids, magazines, electricity, uniforms etc. and study - trips will be taken care of, from Strandskolan support.

After this basic data, I will like to tell my motivated teacher friends, about our approach & ideas. To improve quality of education & make it more & more activity- oriented as well as child - centered; we are succeeding in getting services of experienced teachers and experts of various subjects. They supplement the efforts of our local teachers. They provide knowledge of various subjects and also try to inspire service - values, the basis of education that we impart. In our modest views, emotions & sentiments [sensitivity] have to be focused more. Of course, we are aware that intelligence & vital information are not to be undermined. Let me give the latest example:

During last 3 days we held 2 educational camps. These being Gandhi Jayanti Days [birth - day], Gandhi was obviously correlated in the lessons, both these camps. At one place [school], 50 students of grades 7/8 of our 2 high - schools attended classes in Gujarati [mother tongue], Social Sciences & General Knowledge. The students got wonderful opportunity to get more information about Gandhi's life, philosophy as well as the non - violent and peaceful way, he successfully fought for Independence, against Britishers. 2 experts - an ex / professor of Gujarati as well as a poet & ex - principal of a High - School conducted the camp. The final session was rather exciting. Many boys & girls spoke out eloquently, what they learnt.  A girl even wrote a poem and sang the same, so boldly. In another school, an activity - based camp for 60 students [6/7 graders] from VPSS schools was conducted. An innovative group of teachers & educationists ran the camp. When we visited the camp, we were happy to see the creations of the students and their performances. The group brought with them nice films, over various issues. All this made teaching, meaningful, interesting & effective. It as well was a practical model for our teachers. In both the camps drama, drawing, games and other activities were profusely used.

Last week, all our teachers [50] got what we call 'In - Service' training, in one institute. There were special library lessons. We are keen that the kids should develop reading [extra] habit from the very start. All the schools have class - wise books - corner. All our schools have computers [few, of course], where computer basics is taught. A plan of daily schedule for the entire year in the schools was prepared by the teachers, under the guidance of two experts. It is followed rather nicely. Under our 'Quality of Education Improvement Drive' initiated since last 3 years, 22 teachers and experts visited our schools, turn - by - turn. The latest focus is on Preservation & Promotion of Environment, so much needed in the prevailing world scenario and also in the local context.

The meetings of the guardians [so - called Open House] are held from time - to time. After a long march of 25 years, good number of our students are crossing Gymnasium and joining higher education - a new world for them.  Now the involvement of the guardians is more essential. Most of them being illiterate, they have no idea about different lines in higher education. But we want to educate them & take them into confidence. We also have to keep watch [such is abject poverty] about their economic status, expecting contribution according to their capacity, with guaranteed VPSS bridging support. The students also earn reasonable wages by working in the fields & factories, during long vacations. So the support coming through Tuff though utilized mainly for primary & secondary schools, in a small portion now goes for University and Professional Courses. In this on - going MARCH your school and many other Sister Schools are proud partners. Let me thank Strandskolan for this excellent friendship - a hope for the better world

  [Bhikhu Vyas on behalf of Vedchhi Pradesh Seva Samiti -VPSS]".

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