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Greetings from Siena - Italy

Morena G. 2023-11-08

Hello everybody! This is our school...Liceo Musicale E.S.Piccolomini in Siena!

Hello everyone!
We are the second class of the Music high school in Siena,Tuscany,Italy.
Our school is in a historical building (college) and its name is Enea Silvio Piccolomini. In our Institute there are 4 sections: Music, Classical Studies, Human Sciences and Art.

The main subject in our school is Music, we do 2 hours of History of Music, 3 hours of Tac (Theory, Analysis and Composition), 2 hours Music (together whit other classes), 2 hour Music Technology (we create mashup and electronic music) and 3 hours of instrument (2h of our first and 1 of our second one). We can choose among many instruments but we must study and practice music every day!!

We stay at school 5 hours every day but during the week we have to stay at school to do our afternoon instrument lessons. Obviously we also study Maths, Italian, Science, Art, PE, English, History and Geography.

We love this school and we love music! Bye bye from 2Alm

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